Senescent Link is a story-driven 2D action role-playing game in development by Brave Ghost, inspired by the cyberpunk worlds of Ghost In The Shell and Akira. 


Senescent Link is a 2D Action RPG In development by Brave Ghost. A solo game dev new to the scene of game making. Previously an illustrator Brave Ghost decided to test the waters of game development and quickly found himself committing his life to a full time massive project, now known as Senescent Link. 


A mysterious floating robot makes their way through a room of cryo stasis pods, traversing their way to one specific pod housing the body of a grey haired girl. Upon naming her Kei, after the code K31 engraved on her pod, the robot wakes the mute girl from her slumber and the two link up. Introducing them self as Rogue and now able to understand one another, they must make their way through the dangerous abandoned facility known as Panacea Inc.
Why were you asleep in this pod, in this place? For what reason were you awoken? With your new robot companion at your side you must battle your way to the answers through corrupt and dangerous machines and uncover the mystery. 


After encountering many dangers that require stealth and hacking your way through puzzles, you eventually find yourself equipped with an experimental piece of equipment named the P.R.C.G: The Portable Robot Control Gauntlet. While managing the amount of charge you have at hand you must stun, overheat or take control of the facilities corrupt machines in a bid for survival against all the odds.


Senescent Link is planned to release on PC, Mac and Linux
On both Steam and possibly
Console ports such as XBOX, PS4 and Switch are a possibility but it is too early to promise just yet.

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