Senescent Link - September 17 2019

Welcome to the 5th update for Senescent Link! Things have moved a little slow for the game recently as I have been polishing a few things and working on enemy sprites, mainly the games first boss, which is nearly complete now but not at a point where I can show it off. 

Other things I've been working on include working out the save feature of the game and making that easier to use as I encountered a few bugs with that, but looks like it's all working now, and also creating a small animation to signify that the game is saving as seen below. 

Next up is something I'm very happy with, but due to its nature I can't speak much about, a secret NPC in the game that you can find by completing a secret side mission, if you're lucky enough to stumble upon it, they can be a very beneficial ally! Their name is Bon-Rusui and I'm very happy with how their design turned out! 

Next up is the vending machines in the game, or Capsule Automat as they are called, Before I had a very plain and boring display for this as seen here.

Really not very interesting at all. So I decided to give it another look and I'm much happier with it now, Its now a much more interactive part of the game and has much better and clearer illustrations so you really know what you're purchasing. 

Now rather than just a side menu it is a full screen where you simply click on the purchase button to get what you need. With little stickers by them to show the price I felt this really added to the atmosphere and immersion. Also the side is animated! 

Next up is a video showing off how the game starts, featuring a studio logo, a title screen and then the games menu where you can select to start a new game, open an existing one or take a look at the options before you dive in. 


This intro shows off a newly animated studio logo and a better illustration of the main characters Kei and of course Rogue 

That about does it for this update! Below are some better looks at the title screen animation and a still image of my studio logo which is now in pixel art to better fit the games design. 

In the next update we'll have a good look at the games first boss and a video displaying more game play and combat, so stay tuned!

- Brave Ghost