Senescent Link - May 14th 2019

So It's been a couple months since the last update for Senescent Link, I've been incredibly busy in this time, not working on exciting new content for that game sadly, but instead reworking and completing the sprites. Something that I tend to put off when it comes to working on this project as I find it a little tedious. 

I'm about 70% through catching up on where I should be with the sprites for the game and then I'll be able to get back to working on more levels and improving game mechanics. But I've compiled a few images just to showcase a couple things that have been done in this time, and I'm excited to show it all off! 

Our main character in Senescent Link, Kei. As you can see here I've completed a few more actor images for the game, and you can clearly see she goes through quite a lot! I wanted to make sure that the player can clearly see and remember damaging events that happen throughout the game in the form of scars that stay on our characters face, sometimes not healing up until you visit a med bay and get them seen to! 

The Kurogane Hound. One of the first enemies I began to design for Senescent Link. A lot of things were wrong with this sprite so I decided to rework it completely. Adding a run animation was one of them. Currently I'm working on the forward and back facing run animation, and after that a simple bite attack animation and that'll be this sprite done with! 

So here we have two sprites, one aggressive and one passive. The floating ball is actually an enemy created by Core 001, the first boss in the game, these floating robots will continuously respawn and if getting in range will electrocute the player, causing both physical damage and rendering the player stunned and unable to more for a few seconds, possibly giving other stun orbs the chance to close the distance! 

Now down below we have the passive sprite, a sanitation bot. These little guys will do their best to stay out of your way, in a poor attempt to clean all the immovable blood and gore that litters Panacea Inc. But keep an eye out for any that may have the red error signs on them and a small green spec in their tank, as this could lead to a  favourable collectable! 

So now we have items to talk about, in the game you can purchase and find capsules, a health capsule will heal you, while a max health capsule will permanently increase your health entirely. From a Capsule Automat these can be bought individually or purchased for a reduced price in bottles of five. But I have also decided to add a fun thing where if you hack one of these with the P.R.C.G It'll short circuit the machine, making it useless and you the player unable to purchase from it any longer, but also doing this causes a random assortment of items to be spat out. Depending on your luck this could range from... nothing, to a few credits and a health capsule, or maybe a whole bottle! An interesting tactic to explore if you are low on credits!

These a just a few select items as they will be displayed in the menu. we have some sort of coin? A few different keycards. The health and max health capsules, a bottle of capsules and a battery which will be used to charge your P.R.C.G while on the move! 


Something that I've been working hard on was a cool and interesting death screen, a short animation that will play out whenever the characters health hits that dreaded zero. I also wanted to have something show up other than Game Over, and so DELINKED was decided upon, rather fitting I thought. 

The reworked logo for Senescent Link, I wanted it to stick to a certain theme I have of text in the game where each letter is connected with cables and such. This of course may be subject to change in the future!

And that about wraps it up for this update! As always I sadly can't say exactly when the next one may be, but I promise It wont be too far away, thank you so much for taking the time to read this and show an interest in Senescent Link! 

- Brave Ghost